Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Back to school...

Hey all,

With the rain and everyone's noses drizzling, and winter coats being donned quicker than you can say conkers, you can tell that summer is definitely over! That means it's also the start of the school term, with the learning beginning again for all. And so with that we'd like to announce our Beginners Bookbinding courses at the Southampton Row branch. The first class is on Saturday, which is all full up I'm afraid folks, but there are many more going ahead for both one and two day classes on the following dates:

One Day course dates; October 21st, November 6th, November 18th, December 4th and December 16th.

Two Day course dates; October 14th & 15th, October 28th & 29th, November 11th & 12th, November 25th & 26th, and December 9th & 10th.

These are just the start, with more to be announced soon, so keep your eye out.

For full details on the courses, or if you have an idea to teach an alternative class in our seminar room, give us a call on 020 7831 1462 to speak to Joe, or email

For now enjoy the rest of recess!!