Saturday, August 7, 2010

We're back!!!

Ahem.... Ahem...

It's been a while but, like the Jedi, we have returned. And we're striking back like The Empire (not that Shepherds is an Empire at all!). Just wanted to get back in touch with everybody to let you know that there have been a few minor changes at the store.

Firstly, want to say a fond farewell and big thanks to our now former Retail Manager, William McCracken, who is moving on to brand-spanking-new pastures in Worcester where he's currently setting up the British Leg of The Japanese Paper Place. We'll still be working closely with him to continue bringing you all the best in Japanese Fine Art & Decorative Paper. Good luck the ol' boy!!! Have a look at what he's up to here:

From now Riikka Kassinen and Matthew Phillips are now the store managers & Joe Dixon is heading up our (very nearly ready to go) courses at the Southampton Row Branch. As has always been the case though, all the staff will be more than happy to help with knowledge, support and advice wherever they can.

!!!!!!!RED HOT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you checked out our 'RED HOT SUMMER SALE"? No? Well, during the month of August we have reduced many items in our favourite crimson shades to celebrate all the heat and sunburn that everybody has been enjoying (up to now at least). Get over to the site to get some incredible bargains before the end of August which includes paper, portfolios, bookcloth, brushes, leather, etc...

There'll be lots & lots more news to come, so keep checking the site, the blog and the store for more updates along the way!!


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